The Story of

inspirED was established in 2014 by Higher Education Servicing Corporation (HESC), a private, nonprofit student loan servicing agency that has worked persistently over the past 45 years to ensure that students across Texas have access to higher education by providing federal and private education loans, scholarship funds and outreach services and programs.

In 2010, HESC began to examine its outreach services and decided that expansion of these efforts was necessary to continue the company’s mission. From this decision came our new outreach mission:

Inspiring students to achieve a higher education by promoting a college-going and career-focused culture through educational outreach activities, services and community partnerships.

To further distinguish ourselves throughout the community as leaders in educational outreach services and to develop stronger, more significant programs, it was vital that HESC create an Advisory Committee of local community leaders, innovators and higher education professionals to help “rebrand and renew” our efforts. This committee was formed in April 2014 and assisted with the development of the inspirED brand and helped shape and strengthen our goals and objectives.

Today, inspirED provides high school and community-based GO Centers (college & career centers), college prep and financial aid presentations, high school counselor trainings, and special higher education events including our annual Destination Success and College and Career Expo. In addition, the staff of inspirED has also increased their involvement in various community groups and committees to expand its network of partners and find new opportunities for collaboration.

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