Testing | ACT

What is the ACT?

The ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. It is a multiple choice, pencil and paper test administered by ACT, Inc.

Testing & Scoring

The ACT is a national college admissions exam that tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science. There is an optional essay section. It is important to know if the college the student is interested in requires the writing portion of the test.

Infographic of how the ACT is scored

Studying & Registering for the ACT

Plan Ahead

Plan when you want to take the ACT by going to ACT's website.


Register, by visiting www.act.org and clicking on "Register for the ACT Test U.S."

Registration Fees

Check on registration fees or to see if you qualify for a waiver.


When should I take the ACT?
Most students take the ACT for the first time in their junior year and try again for a better score in their senior year.
How much do I have to pay to take the ACT?
Depending on what whether or not you choose to the write the optional essay, the registration fee for the ACT ranges anywhere from $52.00 to $68.00. Check to see if you qualify for a fee waiver with your counselor or by going to ACT's website.
What do I need to bring on Test Day?
For Test Day, you will need to bring:
  • Your ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Number 2 pencil
  • Watch
  • Calculator

Remember to always arrive at least 15 minutes early to the testing location.

When will I receive my score?
Multiple choice scores are normally available within TWO WEEKS after each national or international test date, but it can sometimes take up to eight weeks. Writing scores are normally available about two weeks AFTER your multiple-choice scores. Understand more about your ACT score here.

ACT Tips


Schedule breaks whenever you're studying to avoid burnout.


Create test-like situations while studying by using a timer and taking practice tests.


Read each question and possible responses completely before answering.


If you're not sure of an answer, choose the one you think is the best and move on, and make sure to answer every question. There's no penalty for guessing.


If you finish before time is up, reread the questions and check your answers.


Keep a cool head during the ACT and don't be anxious with the pressure. Just keep moving forward with the test and answer what you can.